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6 thoughts on “How To Earn Money At Wealthy Affiliate

  1. You’re so right! The Wealthy Affiliate team is always looking to improve their services and what they offer for a really amazing and affordable price, and the community is actually literally never asleep! You can always ask questions if there is something you are unsure of, and the Wealthy Affiliate community is worldwide, so there is always an incredibly awesome and helpful person willing to help you out immediately – the longest I’ve ever had to wait for an answer to my question is about 10 minutes! An incredible learning platform that offers a genuine way to earn money in a very simple way!

    1. Hi Josie.  Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post.  Working within the Wealthy Affiliate platform is like switching to a whole new world. I believe you are a fellow subscriber, I hope you are having a great journey?  Keep up the good work and again thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

  2. How long have you been with Wealthy Affiliate? What has been your experience in earning money so far? If you haven’t yet, how much time from joining can you expect to start earning something? I know that it takes time to create an online presence before you can start earning an income. It appears you have taken the approach to promote Wealthy Affiliate. Would you recommend going both routes? Promoting WA as well as promoting other affiliate marketing companies?

    There is one improvement I woiuld like to see. Can the WA benefit table be made larger and legible? 

    This was a good article. Thanks for writing it! 

    1. Hi Edwin, thank you for your comment. I would like to say I have made an adjustment to my table, please Click here. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for 10 months and I have been busy creating a strong online presence, I have yet to achieve a referral on either fronts.  I started promoting other companies but I have now also decided to promote Wealthy Affiliate too. I believe this will give me more content and better ideas.  I hope to start seeing a return on my investment within the next 6 months. 

  3. I keep hearing about Wealthy Affiliate these days and wondering about the platform. Now I can understand it a little, thank to your article here. I’m glad there are no gimmick and upselling in this platform. Do you know how long usually we can start earn money with Wealthy Affiliate? Is it really possible to live full time by earning money with Wealthy Affiliate? Thanks

    1. Thanks for reaching out. Wealthy Affiliate have got the whole process of making money online nailed, your chances of creating and growing an online business is vastly increased if you’re working with them. The time you start until the time you start making money can vary, depending on your dedication it could be 12 – 24 months.

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