Affiliate marketing.Affiliate marketing.

The internet is an untapped world of wealth, there’s just no other way to say it. Affiliate marketing is big business, the benefits of creating and growing a online business are astronomical.

What most people don’t grasp about having a online business, is that it takes time to build and bear fruit. The main reason is that this isn’t a GET RICH SCHEME. Like any project or business, you will be required to work at your business to make it grow.

This review will be focusing on what a online business is about, how to grow your business and more importantly, where to educate yourself for business success!

Affiliate marketing for beginners.

We all have a talent, I love to business and website building. But I also love sport and keeping fit too! So in a way I’m multi talented I suppose. Building a business does require a lot knowledge and training. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to achieve. Affiliate marketing is just one of many ways to make money online, it’s one of the easiest businesses to start and you could start your business without spending a fortune.

This is very important because I’ve started a business online and I’ve also started a bricks and mortar business too. I have found that a bricks and mortar business can be very expensive to start, build and grow. You will need to:

  • Rent or buy a building – unless you can start your business from home.
  • You will be subjected to business rates – although most small businesses are exempt for business rates.
  • Advertising costs – you’ll have to advertise no matter what type of business you are building.
  • Building and content insurance – if you’re going to invest in your future, you should also protect it.
  • Public and personal liability insurances.

You will be faced with a few challenges, but we all love a challenge, don’t we? Of course we do and that’s why we start businesses or decide to learn a new language. It’s a challenge!

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Challenge no 1.

Build a website, page by page, explaining to the world what your website is about and why they need it. How does that sound to you? If I’m honest and I am, it sounds scary! I bet you didn’t wake up this morning open your laptop and think, ” I’m going to start a new business today”.

No, I didn’t either but here I am! You can do it too! I now have the know how and the connections to take you to places you’ve never dreamed of and quicker too!

I will ensure that all the affiliate marketing programs and training you need will be within your grasp.

Challenge no 2.

Create some time in your busy life, to improve your life! Has I mentioned earlier, every business needs to have time spent developing it. Well it does if you’re serious about building a business in affiliate marketing.

Challenge no 3.

Let me introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate and their connection to affiliate marketing and training. Every business has a portal where you can acquire the information you need to build your business. What I mean is quite simple, if you had a problem with your car, who would you seek?

Would you visit a doctor or go to a dentist – of course you wouldn’t! You would be looking for a mechanic, for the simple reason that they are professionals and fully qualified in their field!

That’s why visiting Wealthy Affiliate for your online education and business skills.

What is affiliate marketing?

The simplest way to explain what affiliate marketing means is to say, you’re going to align yourself with businesses that have products or services to sell. To be an affiliate means you are promoting their products for a kick back or a percentage of the sale.

Once you have made a link to these companies, you start marketing! The idea is to put their products and services in front of as many people as you can to improve your chances of a sale.

Your link to a company will be through banners or HTML code. The whole process is easy but necessary to get paid! Every company you align your services to will give you a unique set of codes that will easily identify you and link you to every sale or lead you create.

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Affiliate marketing success will follow if this is all achieved and it continues to grow. Your

Building a online business in marketing.

I have given you a lot of reasons why you should start a online business in affiliate marketing. I have even mentioned how profitable it can be, if done correctly. But I have yet to explain how best to build your online business, so let’s take a good look at all the nuts and bolts required to create a online business:

  • Hosting package.
  • Niche’.
  • Online business training.
  • Website.
  • Business plan.

Choosing a hosting package and what it should contain.

A hosting package is a vital piece of your online business because it’s the place where your website will be shown. So, this is a very important decision to make, who will give you the best amount of storage space and bandwidth?

Most internet providers will offer you between 10Gb and 50GB of storage space.  10GB is fine for a small website but as your website grows you should be looking more towards the 50GB.  Or above to allow it to stream seamlessly.

Your package should also cater for emails and offer you some effective security software. You should always be thinking about protecting your investment.

Niche – your choice of a billion topics.

Every business needs a niche, a topic or theme, this is your driving force. It could be languages, football t shirts or even mixers. Your niche is your choice and in a way it’s a reflection of your persona.  Because, every review or post will be about that niche that is close to your heart.

Online training is a necessity for growth.

Unfortunately, everything we do, from the moment we are born comes from some form of training. We can’t drive a car without training.  Our new job will require us to take a few weeks or months of training too.  Before we can properly start our new job and be productive.

Your new affiliate marketing business will not grow without training either! Does a flower need sunshine and water?  Of course it does!  They are essential to its growth and development.

So, where would you go to gain this valuable component for your online business?  Well my advice would be Wealthy Affiliate.  I have read about a number of other companies and to be honest, no company is without fault.

But Wealthy Affiliate, for me always seems to end up above the rest because of their record. In other words, they walk the walk and talk the talk. This should be important to everyone browsing for online affiliate marketing training.

Your website is like the building your business lives in.

Searching online for information or directions will lead you to someone’s website. I bet you have never thought about how that website was created. Well I’d like you to know they don’t arrive like that! Every website has been built word by word or as had code after code installed.

Although most website providers now do their best to make the whole website building process easy. Have you heard of drag and drop? I guess you have, well you can now build your website the same way.

The most popular type of website templates are WordPress. You can easily build a website from scratch in a matter of minutes. It won’t even require any previous website building knowledge. Here are a few popular website builders:

1. Wix.

2. Weebly.

3. Joomla.

4. BigCommerce.

5. Medium.

Do remember when choosing a website to represent your business, that it will also represent you!

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Can I make money by affiliate marketing.

I’d like to say that when I started my first business, I started it because I wanted something to do but that would be a lie! So, yes you guessed it I started it because I wanted to make money. Lots of money and I wanted to be my own boss.  I had a lot of ideas of what I wanted my business to make and so on. Affiliate marketing is very lucrative!  There’s a lot of money to be made but it will not come without hard work!

So tell me how much would you like to make? The sky’s the limit, if you’re prepared to work for it!

Affiliate marketing conclusion.

As far as a good business goes, building a online business in affiliate marketing can give you the challenge.  You have been looking for and the rewards you have only dreamed of! Everyone knows hard work pays off eventually.  But not many new entrepreneurs have the staying power required to reap the rewards! Every business needs hard work to develop it and make it grow.

Affiliate marketing is not a get rich scheme but the possibilities to get rich does exist! Is this the business for you? I hope you have enjoyed the read and I have given you some good business ideas. If, you have any questions or comments about Wealthy Affiliate.  Or about any of the other companies I have mentioned, just leave them below and I will answer them, as soon as possible.

Your online business guide.

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