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We love to hear from you and that’s because we are in the business of helping anyone in need. Our f.a.q page is filled with hopefully all the answers to the business questions that might spring to mind. So, before you contact me please check below to see if your question has already been asked and answered. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, then please ask your question at the bottom of this page.


This page has been constructed to help you find what you are looking for, it’s a fact. Everyone has questions and sometimes trying to find a simple answer is out of reach. I’ve decided to answer all your questions in the simplest way possible.

A business.

Q. What is a business?

A. A business is a something that provides you with a regular income stream, now and in the future.

Q. Will running a business make me rich?

A. There’s no guarantee that you’ll become rich from running your own business, but your chances are vastly improved with the correct planning, marketing and adequate financing.

Starting a business online.

Q. Is it easy to start a business online?

A. Yes. Starting a business is easy, in most cases all it will require is a website or a social media outlet.

Q. How do I create a website?

A. Your first step is to find your niche, (What your going to sell or market) once you’ve found your niche then it’s time to create a business name and buy the domain name. The cost of a domain name can cost anything from £1.00 to £1000’s, depending on your chosen niche. If you add a hosting package to the mix and you’re ready to go.

Q. I’m a total beginner at building a website, where can I get help?

A. Most websites now use drag and drop technology, which is very easy to use. You’ll find most of the big online marketing companies will offer this facility and even offer support.

Planning your business.

Q. Will I need to plan my business?

A. Yes. Planning is a very important part of every business, online or off.

Q. How many businesses fail in the first year?

A. An average of 90% of businesses failing the first year. This is usually down to poor marketing or lack of planning.

Q. What do I need to plan?

A. Your business plan should cover how you plan to grow your business, how you plan to finance it, how you’re going to market it and to whom.

Q. How much time will I need to dedicate to my business?

A. You will need to dedicate 2 to 3 hours per day, depending on how much free time you have and how fast you want to build your business.

Q. Will I have to pay tax on my earnings?

A. Yes. You will be required to pay taxes inline with your country and government.

Q.  How long will it take to make some money?

A.  Making a profit can take anything from 6 months to 3 years.  It really depends on how much time you invest into your business and your success rate with marketing.

Business models.

Q. What types of businesses are online?

A. There’s a very large variety of businesses online, in fact most businesses have an online presence.

Q. What is affiliate marketing?

A. Affiliate marketing is where you market someone’s business or product. If this business makes a sale, then you receive a percentage of the sale.

Q. Are all businesses the same?

A. No. Every business might operate slightly differently. But either way, you’ll receive some form of compensation for your efforts.

Q. What is drop shipping?

A. Drop shipping is when you market an item, again this can be through your website or through your social media contacts. If an item is sold, it will be delivered from the company on your behalf. Just like affiliate marketing you’ll receive some type of numeration for your efforts.

Q. Can I buy and sell my own items?

A. Yes. This can often be easily achieved by using EBay. EBay offers all the tools you will need to display and sell your items online.

Training and business support.

Q. Where can I get some business training?

A. The best place to obtain quality training in building and growing an online business is with Wealthy Affiliate.

Q. What do they offer?

A. They specialise in online business education, their learning platform is available 24/7 and 365 days of the year. Support 24/7 for all your business problems.

Q. Why should I choose Wealthy Affiliate?

A. Wealthy Affiliate conduct the best online learning platform for business development and growth.

Q. How much does their service cost?

A. The cost ranges from £11 to £35 per month or yearly for approximately £129.

Q. Can I leave If I’m not happy with their service?

A. Yes. You can leave at any time, but most people who discover Wealthy Affiliate are so impressed with the results they never leave.

Reasons for starting a online business.

Q. Can I make money running an affiliate business online?

A. Yes. A steady residual income can be earned from building and growing an affiliate business.

Q. How much can I make?

A. The possibilities are endless but to answer the question, you can earn between £500 to 15k per month.

Marketing your business.

Q. How will I know who to market to?

A. Your marketing strategies should be a part of your business plan. Where and how you market your business will ultimately decide who your business will attract as customers.

Q. Should I pay for marketing?

A. Yes. To achieve maximum growth you should be willing to invest 2 to 5% from your profit. This is the recommended figure from successful businesses.

Investing in a Ghost writer.

Q. What is a ghost writer?

A. A ghost writer is someone who writes content on your behalf.

Q. How does a ghost writer work?

A. Once you have selected a writer, supply them with your keyword and specify how many words you would like written. They will give you a time for delivery.

Q. How would I choose my Ghost writer?

A. The easiest way is to Google ghost writers and make a decision on their reviews and their cost. A good writer will be worth their fee.

Investing in digital currency and infrastructure.

Q.  Is it safe to trade in digital currency.

A.  Yes, but only if you’re fully aware of the risks and not just the possible gains!

Q.  Do I have to buy crypto currencies to make money?

A.  No, money can be made from crypto currency without buying and crypto coins.

Q.  Why does the price fluctuate so much?

A.  The price of crypto coins can vary because of things that happen in the world or simply because they are over brought or over sold. 

Q.  How much money can I make?

AExcessive gains, come with excessive risks!  Your gains can be between 5 – 15% each month, with some companies but up to 100% with others!

Q.  Where can I invest in digital infrastructure?

A.  There’s companies online that will offer you a trading platform, where you can trade in crypto currencies.  But there’s only one place where you can invest in digital infrastructure.  That company is Yield Nodes, you can find them here.

I have created this f.a.q page to make your online business experience, as pleasurable as possible. This page will be constantly updated, to keep up with the constant changes and innovations to online businesses. But in the meantime if the answer to your question isn’t on this page just ask your question below and I’ll make it a priority.

Your online business guide.

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