A business for life.A business for life.

Building a business for life is easy once you’ve found your niche. But finding a niche isn’t easy if you have no idea what you’re good at. Yes, you can always retrain yourself and to be honest that might be the best way forward. But to put yourself in the best position possible to create a online or offline business. Training and knowledge building is what I would suggest. Is required and in most cases, lots of it. What I would also add is a business always reflects the person running it.

It will have your values, in fact it will have your personal stamp on it. This review is about building a business for life, from the ground up. I will be talking about businesses in general, creating, growing and profiting from your hard work. It is key to remain positive, work hard, network and act on the information and guidance you are given.

A business for life.

We would all like a business for life.  A business that you have developed yourself, not brought but created from an idea or dream.  Well, for some this is exactly where it all begins, a desire to create. Once, it is up and running, it will start giving you an income.  A revenue stream created by your hard work and dedication.  If, you’re one hundred percent sure you would like to start a business, you’ll need a few things.


A business for life.


The first things on your list should be:

  • What kind of business do you want to create?
  • Who is it for and what will it do?
  • How much time can you donate to your dream?

Let me explain in a little more detail, to eliminate any misunderstanding.  There’s a number of things that should be taken into consideration before starting any business.  It doesn’t matter where you plan for that business to be.  If, you’re already business literate, you’ll already have a decent foundation to build upon.

Starting a online business is a different kettle of fish.  But this review is to assist in the cross-over of skills, between a online and off-line business building and marketing strategy.

What kind of business do you want to create?

Building a business for life is easy but will require a lot of commitment.  It doesn’t matter where you intend to build your business, the basics are still the same. It will need a name and have a purpose, other than to make lots money. So, how do you go about choosing your niche? I would suggest you model your business on any hobbies you already possess.  And create your business around it.

Hopefully, this will give you ideas of what your business should be called. Once, you have your first stone, you’ll find it easier to project who you will target with your business. Brick by brick or key by key, you’re now on the road to business creation.

Who is it for and what will it do?

At the top of most entrepreneurs is often profit.  This isn’t a bad ideal, because if you’re going to invest your time and money.  There should be some kind of reward for your efforts.  Your thoughts should be focused firstly on who your business will service.  Will you sell products, offer a service, educate other businesses?   The choices are vast but hopefully this will help you to pin down a specific topic.

This is a very important stage because you can’t really advance without nailing this stage down.

How much time can you donate to your dream?

Everything needs time, a business for life will need a lot of time and then some!  The more important the project, the more time you should give it.   No one wants to fail and I’m guessing you’ve not even considered this.  To be realistic you should look at your business from all angles, dream of success but also expect failure!

We all learn from failure.  The true test is what you do next! I would like to believe you’d start thinking what and where you went wrong and make plans to correct them.  Now, lets think ahead, did you:

  • Have a business plan?
  • Receive some online, offline business training?
  • Sensibly priced hosting package?
  • Ask questions and receive answers from 250,000+ colleagues?

This could be where you went wrong?  When you start thinking about building a business for life, you must take everything into consideration.   This way of thinking keeps you grounded and improves your chances of success.


A business for life.

A business for life, not just for summer.

One of the great things about building a business is not just the revenue it will bring.  But the joy of accomplishment.  A business takes time to build and will stand the test time. Once, you’ve started, but also bear in mind that a business never stops growing.  So, I’ve purposely avoided saying when you finish building it, because it will never really be finished!

Imagine your business as a living entity, that will grow from the inside out and will continue to do so.

My conclusion of a business for life.

I would like you to think outside the box, especially where your business is concerned.  A business for life isn’t a get rich scheme, it will not present you with an income overnight.  It will at times cause you second guess your decision to start it, in the first place.  So, before you consider taking this journey, I do urge you to be sure of what you are getting involved with.

I love the concept of starting a project, using my own skills and smarts to achieve my goals.  I’m also very sure there’s many people that shares my views and I’m sure there’s some that might disagree too.  This review does point out all your potential pitfalls, which does give you an edge.  Because you’re not likely to fail, due to a lack of support.

The next step is now yours?  Take the time to read and research all I have said, before you make a decision!  If, you have any burning questions please don’t hold them back.  I will answer all questions in a timely manner!

Your online business guide.

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