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7 thoughts on “How To Create A Successful Online Business

  1. If ever there was a comprehensive guide available on creating an online business, this is it.You have covered just about everything. The figures you provided at the beginning of your article are absolutely staggering. Who would have thought that retail sales could reach 3,45 trillion this year. Those figures are amazing and really sum up the reason that I love my online business. With 5 Billion Google searches a day, who wouldn’t want a piece of the pie. 

    I couldn’t help but smile when I noticed your picture with the word differently upside down. Many years ago I worked as a marketing sales manager for a bricks and mortar business, I replaced a full page advertisement my boss had used with a little add in the middle of a popular newspaper,with small upside down Ad. The little ad had lots of white space and bold lettering,and it got more then 50 times the response of the far more expensive big Ad.

    I really enjoyed reading your article. Jim

  2. Thanks for a great post! I’ve been building an online business over the last nine years and you’ve definitely covered what’s important to get started right here. While things have changed and evolved tremendously over the last nine years I believe that right now is the very best time to begin if you get started right. The cost of entry is lower now than ever before and the tools that are available are incredible. That being said as you’ve wisely mentioned you need help and coaching to find your way to success and I believe Wealthy Affiliate is the best option out there. Thanks again for showing what it really takes to build a successful online business.

  3. You have really given a great guide as to kick starting an online business and I’m sure that any beginner in the online money making world would find this information as helpful as I have found it to be. Though you have pointed out all the areas that needs to be addressed to ensure success is attained in any online business. As you stated, there is need for work, consistency and persistency to make sure that we can maximize the business. Nothing good comes easily. Thanks

  4. Making money online is real and I have made it and as such, I can say boldly that all these that you have shared are spot on though your post is more detailed than the process I have gone through yet, this is very massive and would serve as a guide to anyone who wants to make money on the internet. This is great to know of and I’m surely going to share this out of people because  I am sure that the information here are all spot on. Thanks

  5. There’s nothing here I disagree with.  About the only thing I would add is an emphasis on the work side of things.  

    Having an online business has so many advantages over a “go to work job or business”.  You choose your hours,  you choose what will be your niche, you choose the name for your business, the products and information you will write about. You are the total boss of you, accountable only to yourself.

    When the time comes, you can quit that J.O.B. and spend more time with family, have the freedom to travel if that’s your dream, be able to do the things you want to do instead of the stuff you have to do. (Some of that stuff you still have to do though).

    I could say more but my point is that if one is willing to work, put in the effort, the time, gain the training and, not give up,  the sky is the limit.  A regular J.O.B. doesn’t earn money while you sleep.  With an online business that will, for sure, eventually happen but, we MUST work for it.

    Wealthy Affiliate has all the tools and training we need to succeed as an online Affiliate Marketer.  We just need to add us.


    1. Thank you very much for taking the time to read and comment.  Your words are straight to the point and I couldn’t agree more.  Being with Wealthy Affiliate is amazing, they truly are the main ingredient for success!

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