Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

3 thoughts on “Start A Small Business Online

  1. Great article you have here. 

    Even if your a pro, or newbie just starting out, Training is essential to grow a successful online business. A successful business doesn’t grow overnight, you need to remember to always Work Hard, Have lots of Patience, Learn from Mistakes, and Never Give Up. 

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. The onset of covid is not the only reason starting a small business online is a great idea. We are getting older and some of us have been toughing it out in manual labor work while nursing injuries need a break or a complete change.

    A startup is hard. You need time and motivation. When you work for someone else they have expectations for you. When you work for yourself you have to set the par. It is worth it, but you have to have the right tools and resources. One thing that I found to be very beneficial is an active membership to provide tech support, ideas, advice, and motivation. 

    With a small investment and a lot of time, you will see gains far beyond your investments.

    1. Wow!  Thank you very much, truly words from someone who has witnessed both sides of a business.  Your words are to the point and very precise, here’s another post you might enjoy https://build-a-online-busines

      Thank you again for commenting.

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